About the community

Mama Moon Circles is a community of mothers who are consciously healing the past and creating new paradigms in motherhood, life and business. 

We meet in a loving online circle every full moon to reconnect with our true essence and consciously co-create a better world.

This community is for you if you are 

  1. a mom or mom-to-be
  2. spiritually inclined
  3. want to heal old traumas
  4. want to raise happy kids
  5. want to create loving relationships 
  6. feel like you are meant for more
  7. ready to take responsibility for your life
  8. ready for new powerful insights
  9. want to connect with other rising mamas
  10. want to experience unconditional love

We will do all this and more. Join today!

Mama Moon Circles is a non-judgemental safe space online, where we get to hold each other's hearts and engage in a transformative conversation.

We will reconnect to each other and to our higher selves, & nourish our hearts and souls.  

Each circle will include group mediation and coaching, reiki healing, story-telling and Q&A. You can also ask questions or share your insights in the private community forum at any time. 

Your kids of any age are welcome to join the circles.

Mama Moon Circles

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Reconnect with yourself and other mamas

Allow blessings to pour into your life